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Friends and Family, 

This is The Being Academy's Official 2023 “Friends & Family” Capital Raise Partnership Portal. 

"The New Christian Experience" Wellness App  v. 1.0 is a faith-based interactive media platform for mental health, spiritual formation, and personal transformation. The interactive sanctuary empowers the believer to commune with God daily via personalized spiritual care. It’s time to equip every believer for “seeking to see, be, and experience life as God imagines 24.7 365.” 

When people are hurting, confused, fearful, overwhelmed, and all other ways of being within the human experience, they should not be limited access to the presence of God. No longer will the presence of God and wellness be exclusive to Sunday morning, knowing how to interpret/exegete scripture, being able to find and afford faith-based counseling, not carrying shame about what we experience, and so many other reasons people in The Body of Christ struggle to seek to see, be, and experience life as God imagines.

As we shift our operations from primarily research and development to revenue-generation, we also need to build the infrastructure to support and sustain our growth. This includes, but is not limited to increasing our stakeholders engagement, formalizing our advisory relationships, and raising financial capital for production and overhead. As our vision and impact model grows, we need all hands on deck.

Your official partnership, prayers, promotion, feedback, engagement, and investment will be the vital building blocks we use to serve the kingdom and expand the sovereignty of Heaven in the Earth. 

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  • Watch "It Takes A Village: Partnership Overview" and read the partnership package.

  • Attend a Partnership Zoom Informational Session or Schedule a one-on-one meeting with The Middletons.

  • Donate via Paypal, CashApp, or Zelle (Upon Request). All partners donating at the $5000 level must schedule a one-on-one partnership meeting.

How To Partner

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