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The Well Woman Workshop is exclusively designed for professional and entrepreneurial Christian women seeking spiritual transformation tools to maximize their God-gifted potential

at work and at home.

For the first time ever, The Being Academy will be offering our core bible-based

personal development framework in a spiritual coaching format.

It is our belief that God desires for more women to have clarity around their life experiences

and purpose from God’s point of view. Workshop participants will gain a set of tools

they can employ at anytime to stabilize their wellbeing and transform their dreams into real life experiences. We call this living as God imagines!


The Well Woman knows how to transform her life one scripture at a time.

The Well Woman is wise and rooted in the truth that

"all things work for the good of those who love God

and are called according to purpose."

The Well Woman seeks see, be, and live as a witness to

the goodness of God in feminine formation.

The Well Woman's life demonstrates the abundant blessings of God.

The Well Woman's heart is always opened and always willing to surrender to God's

good and perfect will.

The Well Woman has mastered the art of resourcing her life at the well that never runs dry.

The Well Woman is empowered to empower other women to walk boldly in the grace, mercy, favor, love, and power of her call as a faithful daughter of the Most High.


Come discover the truth about God in you and God made in Her image too.

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