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The Being Academy is a Christian-based

media technology company committed to

the total health and wellness of the believer. 

We build interactive sanctuaries

empowering believers to commune with God daily.

Our technology products, media, and

spiritual wealth management advisory program

expand our members capacity to 

seek to see, be, and experience life as God imagines.

We are a team of artists, storytellers, interaction designers, ministers of faith, business professionals,

and wellness practitioners serving as 

new covenant apostles.

 The Being Academy leverages 

new media technology, as distribution platforms, 

to open the doors of the church, to build altars

in the minds and hearts of believers, and to seed

the Word of God in the Body of Christ 24/7 365.

Life all around us is shifting rapidly.

We now have unprecedented tools for

administering spiritual care to The Body of Christ daily.

by way of relatable and practical means. 

This includes non-linear digital content,

XR/VR, AI, and Web3 as resources for

teaching, preaching, and healing.

Now is the time for The New Christian Experience.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Clarissa Joan Middleton, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Joe Thackwell, Chief Spiritual Officer | Samantha Johnstone, Chief Marketing Officer

 Zoë Alyce Salnave, Production | Jaimie Milner, Art Director

Patrick O'Malley, Musical Composer | Keith Ellerbe, Production

Ogechi Echebiri, Production | Justin Heap, Art Director

Marientina Gotsis, Research Advisor  

Varun Soni, Advisor | Cindy Mori, Media Advisor 

Peggy Bustamante, Tech Advisor | Keith Plocek, Tech Advisor 

Pablo Frasconi, Production Advisor | Bruce Block, Production Advisor 

Richard Lemarchand, Interactive Media Advisor 

The George Lucas Family Foundation

USC Creative Media and Behavioral Health Center 

USC Interactive Media & Games 

USC Office of Religious Life 

Impact America Fund

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