Welcome to The Being Academy,

a health and wellness community 

for mental clarity, personal growth, and

mindfulness transformation practices.

We help members maximize their God gifted potential

to live a very good life.

We are artists, storytellers, interaction designers, ministers of faith, business professionals, and wellness practitioners 

leveraging media and technology as 

agents for healing, peace-making, and social change.

Our media, spiritual gym, and eLearning tools live at the intersection of entertainment, spirituality, cognitive science, education, culture, and human development.

Love Life | Live Well | Be True

Seek to see, be, and live as God imagined,
very good!


Clarissa Joan Middleton, Chief Creative Officer  

Jaimie Milner, Art Director | Zoë Alyce Salnave, Film Producer

Patrick O'Malley, Musical Composer | Keith Ellerbe, Cinematographer 

August Brown, Video Editor | Ogechi Echebiri, Video Editor 

Sydney Rubin, Researcher 

Marientina Gotsis, Research Advisor  | Joe Thackwell Spiritual Advisor 

Varun Soni, Advisor | Cindy Mori, Media Advisor 

Peggy Bustamante, Tech Advisor | Keith Plocek, Tech Advisor 

Pablo Frasconi, Production Advisor | Bruce Block, Production Advisor 

Richard Lemarchand, Interactive Media Advisor 

USC Creative Media and Behavioral Health Center 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 

USC Office of Religious Life 

USC Interactive Media & Games 

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art, content, music, and media technology

empathetic and nurturing to the psyche (cognitive state) of the consumer.