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The Being Academy is a faith-based media tech company focused on the health and wellness of believers.

We use modern technology to extend the impact of faith into the everyday lives and hearts of God's children.

Our products and services are resources for believers to cultivate healthy minds, bodies, and spirits.

Maximize your God gifted potential

to live a very good life.

We are artists, storytellers, interaction designers, ministers of faith, business professionals, and wellness practitioners 

leveraging media and technology as tools

for mental clarity, spiritual growth, and

transformation wellness practices.

"Seek to see, be, and live

as God imagined, very good!"


Clarissa Joan Middleton, Chief Creative Officer  

Jaimie Milner, Art Director | Zoë Alyce Salnave, Film Producer

Patrick O'Malley, Musical Composer | Keith Ellerbe, Cinematographer 

August Brown, Video Editor | Ogechi Echebiri, Video Editor 

Sydney Rubin, Researcher 

Marientina Gotsis, Research Advisor  | Joe Thackwell Spiritual Advisor 

Varun Soni, Advisor | Cindy Mori, Media Advisor 

Peggy Bustamante, Tech Advisor | Keith Plocek, Tech Advisor 

Pablo Frasconi, Production Advisor | Bruce Block, Production Advisor 

Richard Lemarchand, Interactive Media Advisor 

USC Creative Media and Behavioral Health Center 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 

USC Office of Religious Life 

USC Interactive Media & Games 

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art, content, music, and media technology

empathetic and nurturing to the psyche (cognitive state) of the consumer.

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