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The Prayer Corner

Jehovah Gibbor

You are the Lord almighty who fights for us.

Pour out your spirit fresh, and deliver us into

a new season of victory, peace, and joy.

The enemy has brought war to our front doors.

He wages ten thousand distractions

against us on the daily.

He is attempting to debilitate us,

destroy our executive functioning, 

and paralyze us from flowing in purpose.

May your Holy Spirit stir up our gifts.

Your love is the greatest.

You are the greatest, and greater

are you in us than the adversary.

Cause us to remember every word

you have spoken over us. 

May we open our mouths and

profess your truth about who we are.

We caste down the spirit of intimidation.

We rebuke the devour and his spirit of hatred.

Loose your unconditional love in our lives again.

You are our guardian and the lifter of our heads. 

May every knee bow and every tongue confess

to Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Hallelujah and Amen
A Prayer of Remembrance Nov. 2023

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