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The Prayer Corner


The Lord, our God, is one,

You are the great I am. 

We surrender all to you.

Let this be the season 

that our will bows to yours. 

Let this be the season 

we commit to Yeshua's Way Only. 

Your mercies are new every morning,

and you never run out of grace.

Thank you for being the God 

of second chances and more. 

May we honor you with our diligent

seeking to see, be, and experience

life made in your image. 

Give us each day our daily bread.

Thank you for loving us recklessly.

Thank you for taking care of us

better than we could have ever

accomplished on our own.

We are nothing without you.

You alone are our portion. 

Bind the strongman.

Cleanse us by the blood.

Let your love be our anchor,

and let the mind of Christ be our own. 

Build us up as Holy temples, living witnesses, 

and habitations for your glory in the Earth.

This is the place where we truly belong,

your presence, your kingdom, our home. 

In Jesus name, we pray!
A Prayer for February 2024

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