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Breathing Room

Take A Break | Self-Reflect | Meditate | Just Be



The Breathing Room is a digital sanctuary for gathering one’s self back together again. Originally our meditations were exclusive to users of our True Stories Visual Meditation platform. This is a three-part interactive experience that helps our wellness seekers assess their feelings in real-time, reclaim dominion over their body through breath work, and lastly, align their thinking and feeling with positive affirmations on hope, faith, and love, via spiritual truths and cognitive science wellness tips.

The breath is the abundant life force for all of creation. It is our battery pack, it energizes us. Without oxygen, there is no human life.
The only physiological difference between excitement and fear is breathing.

When we are afraid or tense we hold our breath. When we are relaxed, calm, or excited we take consistent pleasurable breathes.

It is fundamentally better for our hearts, minds, souls, and nervous systems that we relax often. 
Tension, stress, and fear damage our capacity to be well within our bodies.

Breathing well is a great act of resistance surely needed in todays times. Our collective joy, peace, love, excitement, and pleasure in life,

is a freedom worth fighting for. These are the ideals worth every breath in our bodies.


From our lungs to yours, we pray for your enhanced capacity

to breathe deeply, maximize your God given potential, live joyfully, and just Be. 


The Being Academy

The Power of Surrendering

Feeling powerless and the sense that we have lost control over our own lives is one of the most devastating experiences we can suffer as humans. Having a sense of control is very much connected to our feelings of safety, assurance, and hope.

A loss of control is core to the experience of

grief in all forms, and it is a painful blow to our conscience and our capacity to live and be well.  

Yet, there is hope. Our spiritual practices, such as meditation remind us that greater is the divine power in all of creation than our own. When we are weak, God, the source of life, is still strong and in control. 

If we believe in and trust this truth, 

we fall into a disposition of sweet surrender 

recognizing that all things can and will be

worked out for our good. 



Breathwork meditation consists of a wide variety of breathing practices capable of positively influencing a person's mental, emotional or physical state.

These techniques can be particularly helpful with alleviating tension and negative side effects associated with chronic stress. 

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