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Are You Ready For A New Beginning?

The Official June 2023 Spiritual Care Package Newsletter

Released June 05, 2023

This month, June 2023, marks twelve years since I gave my first yes to God regarding my career, my business, ministry, purpose, and marriage.

“When God first calls you,” you are most likely drunk in the spirit. Everything is Euphoric, hopeful, and bright. The sensorial feelings of butterflies, warm butter biscuits, sunny skies, and fresh flower visuals set the tone of your atmosphere. You soul leaps, and you run passionately towards the destiny God has set before you with vigor and confidence.

New visions of purpose and destiny are beautiful times in every season.

Then the rubber meets the road.

Vision and spiritual promises realized are orgasmic, but truth be told;

the journey in between every mountain God brings you over is Hell on Earth.

The Disorienting Nature of Following God

There is a disorienting nature consistent with following God on Earth as it is in Heaven. The main reason for this is that the kingdoms of this world are upside down comparative to God's Kingdom. Most of the best practices and concepts we have for being successful in the world are completely wrong in The Kingdom and/or contextually not applicable without total surrender to God’s way.

When following God to destiny we have to fail forward before we become sick and tired of our ingrained waywardness. Change is not fun and rarely voluntary, because who does not like the comfort of familiarity? Figuring out which ways of ours are Heaven approved and which ways of ours are trash is a torturous process to the psyche. Imagine thinking your whole life that something was a door only to find out it is a spiritual brick wall. This could be your job, your mother, your dream neighborhood, or all of the above. God has no problem completely demolishing our systems of comfort to preserve his promises, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it after we have said yes.

Cast Your Crown

In the Holy Bible, God is called many names. One of those names near and dear to my heart is “Adonai,” which means "the Lord is my master."

These last twelve years, following my first “Yes Of Obedience” to Christ, have been a masterclass in “the Lord is My Master.”

I have learned that there is a system,

a perfect order to seeing the promises of God come to pass in our life. This system requires suspension of our own ways of knowing, being, and doing. When we follow God long enough, we learn that nothing is ever really what it seems to be except the sovereignty of God that “makes all things work for the good of those who love him.” Whether or not we experience this truth is based on our belief system and who/what influences our lives on a daily basis.

Did God tell you to take that job or did fear? Did God ordain that marriage or did lust?

Did God align you with that person in friendship or did jealousy? We must examine

how much of our existence is influenced by faith, love, and truth over fear, personal gain, and worldliness.

This requires being in the presence of God daily. This is communion.

None of us can escape the test of influences that come to show us whether God’s will is sovereign in a particular area of our life or our own worldly ignorance.

Over the last 12 years, I have accumulated a lot of spiritual bumps and bruises

in the labyrinth of committing my ways to God. While enduring the affliction and growing pains of purpose, it was mandatory that I develop a spiritual practice.

This is a daily strategy for seeking to see, be, and experience life as God imagines beyond the confines of my own limited perspective.

The Goodness Report

Quote Credit: Elevation Church

The Bible has a fancy, poetic, and dare I say dramatic way of acknowledging this necessary process.

It's called, “putting my flesh to death” daily. Romans 8:13 It essentially means, letting go of my sense perception of the way things ought to be and adopting the mindset of Christ regarding everything.

Without this practice of exercising my spirit daily according to The Word of God, I would not have made it to see the many promises of God that have come to pass in my life thus far. Surrendering my all to God, in many ways, has been a blessing beyond what I could conceive, and now I am ready to go deeper.

Commit Thy Ways

If you are like me in this season, you’ve come to a point of providence where

God needs you to submit a “fresh yes” before the throne of Grace.

You have been moving in purpose for some time. You’ve had lots of wins and lots of battle scars, but God has never forsaken you.

Now is the time to level up in your experience of life as God imagines. In order to be effective in this effort, we all must be willing to dig deeper in our relationship with Christ, the GOAT, the blueprint, the template for how to walk out our faith effectively.

Be good, be lovely, be true,

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