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Great Things Are Happening At The Being Academy

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

This Summer/Fall 2023

"It’s time to empower every believer to "commune with God daily."

- Clarissa Joan Middleton

Reimagine Church Community Survey

For the last ten months, our Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Clarissa Joan Middleton, has been convening with faith-leaders from esteemed congregations across the Southern California region to rethink what it means to be a thriving congregation in the post Covid-19 organized religion climate.

To optimize our representation of online congregations and digital faith practices, we will be conducting a “needs oriented community assessment.”

Your participation in our survey launching this Sunday, July 23, 2023, will help us present a beautiful picture of The Body of Christ and how best to serve the needs of modern-day believers within and outside of the church walls.

Who are the cutting-edge believers of tomorrow daring to pioneer the evolution of interactive sanctuaries and the shift from "Sunday Service" focus to communion with God daily?

Who are you, what do you need, and how can faith-based media technology serve you best?

We thank you in advance for your contribution to this great work!

2022/2023 Reimagine Church Cohort Fellowship meeting with Mark Labberton, Fuller Theological Seminary President Emeritus (October 2022)

"It Takes A Village:

40 Days Of Fasting, Focus, And Fundraising"

The Official Being Academy 2023 “Friends & Family” Capital Raise launches

August 01. 2023.

As we shift our operations from research and development to revenue-generating market placement, we are excited to share the wealth and the risks. Funding from our first capital raise will be used to complete production on our interactive sanctuary platform launching January 08, 2024.

The fundraiser will also sponsor the onboarding of our Chief Wellness Officer, “The Goodness Report” content manager, and Spiritual Advisory training through the Office Of The Chief Spiritual Officer.

"The New Christian Experience" Wellness App V. 1.0 is a faith-based wellness app for mental clarity, spiritual practice, and total wellbeing. The interactive sanctuary empowers the believer to commune with God daily via personalized spiritual care. It’s time to equip every believer for “seeking to see, be, and experience life as God imagines 24.7 365.”

Spiritual Wealth Management Services Launch

One-on-One Spiritual Advisory Client Services will launch this Fall for Christians desiring to build a spiritual practice that empowers them to commune with God daily. Our Spiritual Wealth Management platform and our Spiritual Advisory sessions empower believers to seek to see, be, and experience life as God imagines personally and professional.

Our Spiritual Advisory Client Services are structured as a wealth management program helping believers assess their vested interest in the spiritual wealth promises of God.

If you are a person of faith ready to rest in the promises of God at work, at home, and in your own soul, Spiritual Wealth Management is a program for you.

It is our belief that God desires for more believers to have clarity around their life experiences and purpose from God’s point-of-view. One-on-One Spiritual Advisory Clients will gain wisdom and build a spiritual practice they can employ at any time to walk by faith, transform their daily life experiences into

purpose drivers, enhance their wellbeing, and live as God imagines!

“The New Christian Experience Wellness App” v. 1.0

Focus Group Soft Launch:

This Fall 2023, we will be conducting a focus group soft launch of The New Christian Experience Wellness App 1.0. Select Being Academy stakeholders will be invited to an exclusive premiere of our first interactive sanctuary launch. These founding members of The New Christian Experience will receive a free 30-day trial membership to commune with God daily and help us warm our digital pews.

Modern technology can extend the impact of the church into the everyday lives and hearts of believers. The interactive sanctuary model provides an intimate setting for believers to explore their oneness with Christ via practical and joyful application of The Word of God.

Interactive content, mechanics, and the experiential design approach of interactive sanctuaries can transform lives one scripture at a time helping believers strengthen their spiritual discernment.

Interactive sanctuaries are the next frontier for empowering believers to

commune with God daily and seek to see, be, and experience life as God imagines.

It’s time to be equip every believer for “seeking to see, be, and experience life as God imagines 24.7 365.

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