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Power Up: The Woman Evolve Conference 2023 Pregame Package

“I don't know who you are but... I want you to understand that God has illuminated you. He has placed as special light on you. You are set apart. You are consecrated for this moment, because you have a language that they need. Albeit, they have a language that you need, but there is a partnership that is going to happen... I hear God saying don't discount yourself. Don't put yourself on clearance just because you don't feel like you reach the value of everyone in the room. I hear God saying that when he finally raises you up, when he finally unleashes your tongue that it's going to elevate everything connected to you... Everything is going to come up, because you made a decision to follow God instead of trying to stay out of the room, because you didn't think you fit.”

- Sarah Jakes Roberts, Associate Pastor at TPHD

"And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise. And straightway the damsel arose, and walked"

- Mark 5: 41 - 42

In honor of the monumental movement that is Woman Evolve 2023, and the 40,000 women of God gathering in Arlington, Tx this week, we’ve put together a sermon study pregame package featuring our favorite messages from Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts and a couple other game changing starters taking the stage at Globe Life Field this week.

It is not everyday that tens of thousands of women gather to get on one accord concerning God’s will, purpose, and power for their lives and such a time as this.

The Being Academy honors Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts for her courage and strength to ignite a movement of healing deeply penetrating the hearts of the daughters of Zion like never before.

On behalf of our membership in the delegation, we see you, we love you, and we agree with the blessings of God in you, around you, for you, and to be birthed through you for others.

"Talitha Cumi," and keep on evolving!

"When we arrived in Los Angeles in 2016, our family was grateful to find a church home at ONE LA.

This powerhouse teaching ministry team led by Pastor Touré and Pastor Sarah have anchored our family, our callings, our businesses, and our ministry in the Word of God ever since.

I am blessed to be a living witness to the move of God in Pastor Sarah's life. God is stirring the hearts of women called to leadership in The Body of Christ like never before.

The testimony, commitment, courage, and daily sacrifice of Pastor Sarah to submit to mission is leading the charge for an army of women evolving that will establish dwelling places of habitation for the glory of God in the Earth.

Thank you Pastor Sarah for the ministry of Woman Evolve. We are honored to swim in the deep with you. May our families, homes, communities, churches, businesses, and the Body of Christ at large continue to rise on the wave of glory God is flowing towards us through your obedience."

- Clarissa Joan Middleton, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Being Academy

The picture above of CJM x SJR was taken at the 2023 Called To Mastery Conference hosted by ONE | A Potter's House Church and Pastor Touré Roberts.

Special congratulations are in order for the recent installment of Pastor Touré and Pastor Sarah Roberts' recent installment as Associate Pastors of The Potters House Dallas.

We, at The Being Academy, are excited to see this new season of building together unfold.

Sermon Study Pregame for Woman Evolve 2023

The Monday - Saturday spiritual deficit crisis in the structure of church as usual has made members of The Body of Christ susceptible to major spiritual dis-ease and the paralysis of most callings from full maturation for significant impact.

We are grateful to share with you these messages from teaching ministers revolutionizing how we present the gospel and feed God's sheep 24/7 365.

May we all be blessed with major breakthroughs, generational curses turned to generational blessings, and waves of glory from the edification of these preached words and their echo into our atmosphere.

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