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Sermon Notes: The Key To Open The Door

Pastor Touré Roberts

Sunday, June 04, 2023 at The Potter's House Dallas

Obedience and The Office of The Prophetic

At the end of May, we finalized preparations for our June Spiritual Care Package Newsletter. The original release date was scheduled for Thursday, June 01, 2023.

In my devotion time, the Holy Spirit commanded me to postpone the release date.

I spent three days studying, praying, and worshipping to seek God's face regarding Summer 2023 for The Body of Christ, business matters at The Being Academy, and permission to release the June 2023 newsletter.

On June 5th, 2023, we released the newsletter. Afterwards, our family sat down to watch Pastor Touré Roberts' June 04th, 2023 message at The Potter's House Dallas.

Normally, I take extensive notes when watching a sermon. I actually don't watch sermons. They are more like spiritually intense masterclasses for me. I am always focused, breathing deeply, hungry, and ready to devour the preached Word of God and The Word period.

On this night, it was not necessary for me to take notes. Instead, my family and I rejoiced, because PT's message on June 4th was spiritually kin to the message we received for our June 2023 Spiritual Care Package. It became very clear that God was doubling-down on Heaven's will for this season loudly! It also cross-referenced a prophetic word I received on January 09, 2012 regarding dominion and discipleship in The Body of Christ.

This last year has been very intense from a spiritual warfare standpoint. God has been urging believers with the prophetic gifting to consecrate themselves, purify their hearts, discipline their mouths, and be more transparent in an intentional manner about the prophetic words they have received.

For those of us, who have not been on traditional routes in ministry, this urgency to be more vocal in a sanctified way about our lifestyles of worship and our experiences living lives led by the Holy Spirit is a quantum leap forward. Many of us have been hidden for at least a decade. We are very selective about who we share our prophetic words with. Over the last year, I have witnessed God gathering us, demanding we speak his words (Ezekiel 3:1-4), and revealing more to us through fellowship and right community.

Something major is stirring in The Body of Christ. I encourage you to watch PT's message and read below the Spiritual Care Package "Are You Ready For A New Beginning?"

If you have felt like you were moving in the dark following God's will for your life this sermon study is for you. I believe promotion is coming to those who have waited on the Lord. God is about to reward the obedient and the faithful. New revelation about what it means to live a lifestyle of faith, commit to seeking God diligently, and dwell in the presence of the Lord always is coming for those who believe.

At The Being Academy, we call this "The New Christian Experience: Seek to See, Be, and Experience Life As God Imagines." It's time for all believers to be empowered with everything they need to "commune with God daily."

Be you, be love, be true,

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